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latley i have been consentraiting on things that make me feel beauty. not necessarily making me feel beautiful, but make me feel the presence of an absolute beauty. a moment uncomparable to the next. even if a breif second. thats enough.

i posted somethings of my sisters. Hayden and Taylor. even if i am not completley impressed with the quality, i remember the instance those pictures were taken and the quality of life it gave me. therefore making me appreciate something much greater than words can describe. something better than the actual quality of physical beauty but that of mental beauty.

it is way too late for me to be awake. i need to start taking sleeping pills again. insomnia seems to get the best of us all.

time for some sketch booking.

<3 r.
going to NC tomarrow.

i think guys are retarded.
to many people complained to me about relationships tonight..
but whats new.


i want icecream... right now..

today is a good day.. not so down.. i took a shower with out crying today, which was nice....